Out and about with twin toddlers

picture of twin toddlers holding hands walking down the streetToddlers can be a hand full. So when you have 2 toddlers running around at the same time, it can feel impossible to get out of the house without having a nervous breakdown! Let me just say, yes, it is hard, but it is not impossible. Just go for it, stick with it and it will get easier.

Here are my tips for getting out and about with twin toddlers

  • Use the buggy while they are still young, but let them get out and run around when it is safe to do so
  • Take toys, books etc to keep them amused when in the buggy or car
  • As they get older they need to walk, but take the buggy too, so you feel you have a safety net to use if they get tired or grumpy (as hard as it is, it is important you let them walk)
  • Reins are great, children feel they have more freedom, they don’t have to hold your hand, but they are kept safe from running off. You can get some great back packs with reins attached, which I found extremely useful for my twins (highly recommended)
  • Be prepared, think in advance, what you are doing, where you are going, what you might need to take to make the trip run smoother
  • Take a snack and drink
  • Stay alert! (And don’t wear high heels, as you may have to run after them!)

These are my basic tips for getting out of the house with twin toddlers, but really, you need to know your own toddlers, think about how they are likely to be when you are out and then you can plan for this event. I always made sure I had snacks of raisins in my bag, so I always had a tool to use for bargaining when needed (bad mum I know, but I didn’t use it very often, it felt like a safety net though for my own peace of mind).

At first getting out with twin toddlers is hard, then it gets a little easier as they get used to it, but, then comes the day they don’t want to wear the reins any more and it gets a lot tougher again. But just make sure you are strict with teaching them to walk beside you, holding hands to cross the roads etc. And stay alert as they run in different directions! Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this, just keep trying to teach them how to behave whilst out and about and it will pay off.

It does get easier!!



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