I find it amazing what the twins will get up to compared to a single child going through a stage.

We made a very rash decision at the weekend to move the twins from cots, into their own toddler beds. Of course this meant they could escape!!

The girls loved their new beds with Peppa pig duvets on. We tried to keep their bedtime routine as normal as possible and then had a nice quiet bedtime story in their new beds. All was going very well, until we left the room, then all hell broke loose!!
Picture of one twin fallen asleep half hanging out of the bed

Finally crashed out!

I went back in the room to find them both sitting up nicely in each bed, but something didn’t seem quite right? Then I realised, they were in opposite beds! They had switched beds in the 30 seconds I was out of the room! As annoying as it was, it was quite funny. However, this was just the beginning of a 2 hour stretch of constantly putting them back to bed. I would put 1 in bed, turn around and the other was out, so put that 1 in bed, turn around and the other was out again and this continued…….. My husband had to come and help as I wasn’t even able to leave the room before one or other was out of bed. It was quite a charade and the twins found it hilariously funny!!! I must admit, looking back on it, it was rather funny and cute the way they would club together and climb in each others beds, play up while my attention was on the other twin and then opening their bedroom door together (not on their own, they seemed to have to do it together!) so they could get my attention. It took 2 hours before they eventually crashed out at 9pm.

Nap time the next day, needless to say, they did not sleep again, but this time I left them to it, as I thought if they don’t sleep for a nap, they will be more tired for going to bed later. However, little did I know what they would get up to? I heard lots of banging about, then a cry, so returned to their room to find they had both climbed up on the windowsill together. Then, after leaving them again for a while it all went quiet, good I thought, they must be sitting looking at some books or fallen asleep. How wrong I was! I went back upstairs to find them sat together looking at me with ‘look what we have done’ look on their faces, on the bed with a whole pack of baby wipes shred across their bed and floor!!! I was not amused!

They were so exhausted by night-time that it only took 35 minutes to get them to sleep.

This morning, we hear them at 6am, having escaped again, in the bathroom. One stood on the toilet seat, to reach the toothbrushes, passing it to the other, then brushing (or attempting to) their teeth, with each others toothbrushes! Now that’s got to be twingenuity! We however, were terrified of them falling or getting to stuff in the bathroom that would not be good for them. I think we are going to have to work something out to keep them in their room.

Fingers crossed for tonight!

All children are different, and some are definitely more likely to play up and get into trouble than others, but it seems to me that twins really egg each other on. I am convinced that Callie would have gone to bed nicely if she had been on her own, but was egged on by her sister, so when you put them both together they come up with all sorts of plans and conspiracies!!

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