Twin safety

From around 4-5 months your babies may be on the move! They might be starting to roll over. Once they can roll over, they soon learn they can roll around the room. Then comes the crawling and pulling themselves up to standing, before cruising along the furniture. This all seems to happen so quickly, you need to be on the ball with safety.


Playpens can be very useful. They keep little ones in one place safe.Picture of a playpen


  • Keep babies safe when you have to leave the room, as it is impossible with twins to take both babies with you everywhere you go 100% of the time.
  • Provides peace of mind


  • Some babies don’t like being in a playpen
  • Some playpens can be quite small for 2 babies

I personally found a playpen that converted to a room divider was the best option. I then made one part of the room suitable for the babies, with no small objects etc and used the room divider to keep the babies there while I left the room. It was a big space so they never complained about being there. They had lots of toys to keep them busy and I could leave the room to deal with another child and know they were safe.

I would advise not to leave your babies in a playpen for too long otherwise they will get bored (and grumpy).

Babies need stimulation and a chance to learn to crawl around etc and explore their world, but a playpen does allow peace of mind with regards to safety at times when needed.

Stair gates

Use stair gates at both the top and bottom of your stairs as it is impossible to watch your children 24/7.

You can get various types of stairgates. Some screw in to the wall, others are pressure fit. Some people have awkward stairs and struggle to find a stairgate that will work. Please do some research if you are having difficulty finding one that will work for you, as there is usually one somewhere that will fit. I believe they are invaluable.

Stairgates could also be used across a door way, for example across the kitchen door, so children can explore their environment, whilst keeping them out of the kitchen (one of the most dangerous rooms in the house).

Other safety tips

  • Use childproof socket covers in unused sockets
  • Ensure all windows and doors are secure
  • Ensure all cables and string/cord for blinds are out of reach
  • Never leave children alone near water or in the bath
  • Ensure all furniture is fixed to the wall and cannot be pulled over
  • Maybe use door stops (stops doors closing and little fingers getting crushed)
  • Maybe use furniture corner protectors
  • Put locks on kitchen cupboards
  • Put locks on bathroom cupboards

It is difficult to childproof your home for one child, but it is even more difficult for twins as they can get quite ingenious when they have each other to plot ways of escaping and climbing etc…..

It is a good idea to get down to your childs height and crawl around to see what they see, a ‘twins-eye view’.

It is impossible to completely eliminate every possible potential hazard, but you can try to minimise the risks and make your babies environment as safe as possible.

Remember, it is not forever. Your babies will grow up and you can then start to return your house back to ‘normal’.

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