18 month old twins

How time flies! My twins will very soon be 4.

Last week, we visited Grandparents, which meant we also got to see my children’s cousins. Their twin cousins are nearly 18 months now and quite a handful! They are into everything, climbing, running, won’t sit still and throw  food everywhere! Seeing them reminded me of how it used to be when my twins were that age.

18 month old twins are most definitely a handful and I would say 18 months to 3 years is the hardest time. They are into everything, you can’t turn your back for a moment or they’ll be climbing something or putting something dangerous in their mouth etc. They can’t be reasoned with, they barely understand the word no and in their world there is only themselves to consider. This makes life very difficult for parents as they are dealing with two little monkeys, you pull 1 twin off the chair, turn around and the other is up there, pull that 1 down and the previous twin is back up there!!! Argh!

I think back to one very memorable occasion when I had a room divider across my lounge, so one end was a playroom (relatively safe). One day I was cooking dinner in the kitchen, while my twins were in the play area. I turned around and there were two little girls standing in the kitchen smiling at me, very proud of themselves! I got the fright of my life! I couldn’t understand how they had escaped! I looked in the lounge and the gate was still closed on the room divider, then I realised, they had actually climbed over it! Time to take the room divider down I think!

I look back now and laugh, but at the time it was tough. However, it may be the toughest 18 months, but I also think it can be the most rewarding time too. They are two cute little bundles of fun. They are active, they are learning to talk and make the cutest of mistakes. There is something wonderful listening to a child learn to talk. Watching two little siblings of the same age interact and play together at that age is quite magical. I hope I don’t forget it.

Anyone with young twins, I would say, yes 18 months to 3 years is the toughest time, but it is also a wonderful time to watch your little ones grow and develop together. It will get easier at around the age of 3, so try to remember to enjoy the moments you have with them now, they soon grow up.

18 month old twin boys with nana

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8 Responses to 18 month old twins

  1. Oh wow! I couldn’t imagine how hard but also rewarding having twins must be. #pocolo

  2. Rebecca U says:

    time goes so quickly, as tough as times are, I’m always told I’ll miss these toddler years when they’re gone!

  3. Anyone who has twins needs a medal! It’s hard enough with one!! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought says:

    This is such a lovely post, I can’t imagine dealing with two children of the same age but how fantastic to be able to say, yes it’s tough but it’s also an amazing time. I think all parents need to remember that sometimes :) #pocolo

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