A twins helping hand

All siblings can fight like cat and dog. They can argue, shout, push and shove. There are times when you literally want to tear your hair out. Twins are no different to other siblings in this respect. They may have a unique bond, but they still have plenty of scraps.

However, it was lovely to watch last week, when I took my twins out for the day, while BB was at school, them truly helping each other, looking after one another. They literally gave each other a helping hand on the climbing frame in order to get to the top together.

Twins helping each other

They supported, they loved each others company, they played together, they took turns, they raced around the little track laughing together. It was quite magical to watch. I want to remember these moments forever.

There are definite benefits to having twins, it may have been hard in the early days, but now it’s much easier. They always have someone to play with and someone to turn to. My only concern is that my older son doesn’t feel pushed out, but so far he gets on and joins in with them and all three play lovely when they are together (most of the time).

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