Christmas shopping for twins

twin girls at christmasHaving twins is great. There are so many joys to be had from twins, I cannot begin to tell how wonderful it is (yes, despite having my hands full). However, one difficulty that has come to my attention, is shopping for twins.

My children are all very good at sharing, as they have always had to share everything. But, thinking about it the other way….they don’t actually have anything that is their own, so they have no concept of real individual ownership. I find this a little sad, but I really can’t think of a way round it. My older son does have things of his own as he has his own room. However, my twins are both girls and share a bedroom, so they have no space of their own and they tend to like the same toys etc.

Last weekend, I was christmas shopping and both my girls want a new doll for christmas. I found a doll suitable and they had one in blue and one in pink. Great I thought, they could own a different doll each! Then, I got thinking…..actually, I know they are both going to want the pink one and it would be unfair to knowingly give one girl a blue doll while her sister gets the pink one that they both want. Argh! It took me a long time in the shop to decide what to do. Eventually, I gave in and got 2 pink dolls.

I am so desperate to create individuality for my twins, but it feels like a loosing battle. Maybe I should just relax about it and hope that as they get older, there will be more opportunity for them to develop their individuality. There is nothing wrong with them having the same things as each other or with them sharing, it is quite healthy. However, it would be nice if they could experience having their own space and their own few items that is just theirs and no one else’s.

What do you do? Do your children share everything or do they have some of their own things, no one else can touch unless permission given?

I would love to know your thoughts. Would you buy twins the same or different?

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15 Responses to Christmas shopping for twins

  1. shona says:

    hello im an identical twin if you think they will like the same then get it because there will be no fights but if they like diffrent things and then they can share and borrow

  2. I have fraternal twins who’ve just turned 6. They shared the same toys until they were 2 but then their tastes diverged. Now they are incredibly possessive of all their toys and not terribly good about sharing.

    • karen bell says:

      Children are all so different, it’s nice your twins get to have their own things, although, now need to learn to share ;)

  3. Grace is an only child at the moment and being 6 she will really have to share – but if I have another it will probably mess up her room! It must be really tricky for you. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    My girls have their own things and share things but they have their own rooms to keep their own things in….It must be so tricky for you. x

    • karen bell says:

      Yes, I think it would be a lot easier if they had their own room. It is lovely that your girls get their own space x

  5. Orli D says:

    Hi, I don’t have twins so I can’t presume to know how hard it is to try and get each of them to have her own identity. I do have two boys though, and can tell you that no matter what you buy, they will always want what the other one got, so it is so much easier just buying them the same thing sometimes than listen to the arguments and tears…
    Hang in there, I am sure as they grow up they will each have her own thing and direction.

    Got here through #PoCoLo

    • karen bell says:

      Yes, true, I’m sure it will get easier as they get older and develop more of their own tastes and learn about owning things properly

  6. Dawn Frazier says:

    I have exactly the same problem with the girls sharing a bedroom, whereas their big brother has his own room. I find a lot of the time, even if they have something that is exactly the same, they know which one is ‘theirs’. Mine have a mixture of some things that are exactly the same, which we have two of, and some things where they are different colours. I let mine find their individuality in other ways like choosing their own clothes etc. and they rarely pick the same thing!

    • karen bell says:

      That’s so true…there are things that to me are the same, but they seem to know who’s is who’s! How do they do that?? I’m sure it will get easier with time as they develop more of their own individuality x

  7. Ah I was having EXACTLY this conversation with a mother of identical twin girls the other day actually (then tweeted it). I never even considered how hard it could be. Guess it is similar to my 2 (18 mths apart) in that if they liked something the same I’d get the same, but then interests that are different I’d get different. Do you think the “girl” and pink thing makes it more difficult? I mean with boys you can get like red and blue, and there wouldn’t be that one colour they both really want iykwim.

    • karen bell says:

      I think the pink thing definitely makes it more difficult, as most girls have a bit of a pink thing, but how far do you take it? Both my twins like pink, but 1 slightly more than the other, so she usually ends up with the pink thing, but I don’t think it is fair that the other rarely gets the pink if there’s a choice! There are not many other colours to choose from with girls…’s all pink!

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