Twins club cuts

Picture of Identical twin girlsWhen I first found out I was expecting twins, I was in shock! I had a 14 month old baby, how on earth was I going to cope with two babies and a just turned two year old? I was absolutely terrified!

A friend then told me about my local twins club, so when I was 36 weeks pregnant, I went along (or more like waddled along) to meet them. Everyone was really friendly and I was made to feel so welcome. My son loved it. It was such a relief to meet other mums with twins.

Two weeks after I had my twins (a twin club record I think), I went back to twins club with my now three children and I have been almost every week ever since.

I got so much support from the club, I could talk to others who were experiencing similar things to me. We all help each other out, we don’t get funny looks like you do at some baby and toddler groups when you have twins. This club has been invaluable to me.

I would urge anyone with little twins to give your local twins club a try (if you have one).

Now, the sad thing is for us, our children centre that holds the twins club say they can’t justify holding the twins club each week, as they are not getting the funding for us, due to limited numbers. They are reducing our sessions from weekly to twice a month. But I say, it should not always be about numbers, what about support for a minority group who would otherwise struggle on alone?

It is not such an issue for me personally, as my twins are now older and we would only be attending for another 9 months anyway until they start school. But I feel very sad for the new twin mummies, who are going to get much less support.

Please if you have a local twins club, go along and support it, before it closes!

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8 Responses to Twins club cuts

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww that’s such a shame about your twins club :(

    • karen bell says:

      I know, we can’t believe it! There is nothing we can do about it though, we have tried :(

  2. Orlena says:

    Hello, just popped over from Pocolo. I have twins who have just turned a year old (I remember than feeling of shock when I found out, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!) We live in Spain and wish we had a twin club here but have never heard of one.

    • karen bell says:

      Oh no, twins club was invaluable to me,it’s such a shame there aren’t more of them :(

  3. I have twins – who will be 6 this month. Although I never joined a twins club, I think they’re incredibly important to have available to mothers of multiples. I was a member of TAMBA (Twins and Multiple Birth Assoc) who I know organise and support twins clubs across the UK.

  4. What a shame that they are closing :( Such a valuable resource for any Mum, and especially when you need more support. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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